Our Pillars

Our vision is to provide exceptional quality, while supporting sustainable growth for our business partners and their families. As we conduct our business, we are dedicated to delivering Value, operating with Integrity, and bolstering the Community. We are transparent and highly collaborative with our farmers and partners, so we may all plant purposeful seeds and prosper together!


We are part of the community, and work closely with the growers in each region to help plan effectively together.


As a combined grower, distributor & family, we are sensitive to the needs of all of our partners in our ecosystem. Our business model and partnerships, are highly collaborative, which is unique to the industry.


Value starts with great product quality and freshness. We carefully harvest our produce at just the optimal time so it is greener.


author photo Fernando C.
Baja, Mexico

Scholarship Recipient

The money from this scholarship will help me pay for my son’s school tuition and for a new uniform. He’s currently attending 6th grade and has managed to keep excellent grades. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up to help kids in his community when they get sick. Thank you, for helping my son achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.

author photo Eric S.
Fort Collins, CO

Incredibly flavorful and refreshing

The asparagus was so fresh I ate it raw after my workout and it was incredibly flavorful and refreshing – awesome!

author photo Rafaela A.
Sonoma, CA

Rich flavor and the perfect crunch

They were delicious! They had a rich flavor and the perfect crunch which made my mouth water. My son is not a big fan of vegetables and I was really surprised that he actually ate and enjoyed them as much as I did. I will definitely be adding them to my grocery list next time I go shopping.