Organic and conventional avocados, packed with nutrients, health benefits, and fun!

  • Very High Protein fruit – 2.9g per cup
  • Highest fiber content of any fruit – 10g per cup!
  • Avocados also have high levels of vitamins B6, C, and E as well as potassium, magnesium and folate
  • This fruit can help improve LDL cholesterol levels in people who struggle with obesity
  • Avocados contain heart healthy monosaturated fat

Avocados are versatile. Add them to breakfast, lunch, or dinner to liven up the meal.

Per 100g
16 g
Unsaturated Fat
Per 100g
60 %
of RDA of vitamin B
Per 100g
6 g
Dietary Fiber
Per 100g

Did You Know?

Avocados were consumed as early as 7000 years ago in Mesoamerica. The townsfolk would offer them as tribute to local royalty. The word avocado was derived from the Aztec ahuacatl but was changed to “alligator pears” by Sir Hans Sloane an Irish physician. The USDA decided avocado would be more mainstream and appealing to consumers. The avocado wasn’t popularized in the U.S. until the 1950’s.

Instagram worthy benefits

In the summer of 2017, more than 3,000,000 photos of avocado toast were uploaded to Instagram each day. Fans praise the health benefits such as high potassium content, immune support, and protein levels. Since the flesh is soft and mild in taste, it can easily be spread on toast and sprinkled with toppings to create the perfect instagramable picture.