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In The Beginning

We are a family run, and family owned business. Our family started farming in the 1950’s and it became a passion and labor of love. We take tremendous pride from the seeds, the soil, the farm, the pickers to bring healthy, delicious, nutritious produce to your table.

Scholarship Recipient

The money from this scholarship will help me pay for my son’s school tuition and for a new uniform. He’s currently attending 6th grade and has managed to keep excellent grades. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up to help kids in his community when they get sick. Thank you, for helping my son achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.

Fernando C. Picker

Baja, Mexico

Fair Trade

We embraced fair trade principles early. Fair trade is often the difference between surviving and thriving. It addresses the need for viable economic opportunities that enable producers to remain in their communities and retain ownership of their land, and ultimately to thrive instead of hopefully just surviving.  We pay fair trade wages to our workers to help economically disadvantaged areas, especially among the small farmers and rural communities.

Food Safety

All produce is hand-picked and packaged by expert hands to exacting food safety standards. We comply with the required food safety stringent requirements and regulations. These certifications allows our growers to be able to export their produce to all of USA, Canada and Europe, and exceeds the food safety standards required in the United States.

14 %
of RDA of folic acid
Per 100g
2.1 g
Dietary Fiber
Per 100g
Per 100g
2150 µmol
TE Antioxidant Strength
Per 100g